Aztec Moon Designer Cabs for Jewelry

Do you have a store we can come visit in Mexico?
Sorry, we are a cyber-store... everything we have currently in stock is on the internet, we do not have a physical 'brick and adobe' shop and because our inventory is cataloged and then stored, we cannot give private showings of our stones - think of our website as our online catalog.

Will I receive the same item I order that I see in the photograph?
Yes, we do not buy stones in bulk - each stone is handpicked from our miners and travelers that we deal with on a regular basis; or designed and cut by our pulidors exclusively for Mexico Gemstones and Aztec Moon.

How long before my order will arrive?
Most parcels we ship arrive at their destination in 12 to 21 days, sometimes it takes a bit longer, especially during Mexican holidays. If it has been 30 days and you have not received your parcel, contact us so we can put a trace on the package.

Do you insure the parcels you ship?
Sorry, no... the Mexican Postal Service (sepomex) does not offer this service, if they did it might take years for your claim to be processed anyway. Please read our refunding policy on lost or damaged items.

Do you give wholesale discounts?
Since we do not sell in bulk (each item is a unique and 'one of a kind specimen') we cannot offer deep discounts. If your purchase totals $300.00 usd or more - email us for a quote. This discount only applies to quantity purchases and not for a single stone or specimen purchases.

Can you drill a hole in the cabochon I want to purchase?
Sorry, we do not drill holes into stones that are already polished. There is too big of a risk factor in causing the stone to chip with their super smooth surfaces. Most customers prefer no holes (believing a hole lowers the value of the stone) - once in awhile we do acquire stones that are drilled or have a groove cut around the outside for wire wrapping.

Do you sell in quantities?
No, each item is specially handpicked and designed, we do not have a large inventory of any item we sell, unless it specifically says so on the item's purchase page. Alot of the different specimens we sell are only available until our stock runs out and we may never have the same item again.

I don't have a PayPal account, what other forms of payment do you accept?
You don't have to join PayPal to make your purchases, you can just use your credit card - yes, unfortunately PayPal will pester you into joining, but is is not mandatory in order to make a purchase. The only other forms of payment we can accept are Western Union and 'bank to bank' wire transfers (which have fees to the paying party). Most Mexican banks cannot process checks or money orders from other countries, so unfortunately at this time PayPal is our only payment option.

If I change my mind or don't like the stone after I receive it can I return it?
We only accept returns for damaged items - no returns for raw specimens or special sale items. Find complete return info on our Shipping page.



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